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Chicco – Wherever there’s a baby- This is a slogan trademark that makes the brand special.

Chicco is an Italian brand, which was founded in 1958, in Como.  The brand has been market leader for more than 60 years. Chicco always pays attention to the needs and emotions of parents and children, understands them, makes them their own, and provides the best solutions for them. Chicco team is constantly looking toward the future to respond to the needs of parents and children, both now and in the future.

Chicco products include: everything for breastfeeding, sleep time and relaxation, mealtimes and traveling, as well as hygiene, cosmetics, toys, shoes and clothing.

Chicco always takes care to ensure that all the products are safe, reliable and meet high quality standards - that is what makes the brand special. That's why the Osservatorio Chicco exists, the research center dedicated to the knowledge of the child and his/her physical, emotional, and social needs. The mission of the experts of Osservatorio Chicco is to discover, know, deeply understand what makes him happy while he is sleeping, eating, playing.

The constant exchange with the medical and scientific world, the associations and the institutions active in the world of childhood is the key element for knowing the evidences in pediatrics and pedagogical field and for identifying solutions for the wellbeing of the child that are scientifically sound.

Knowledge, scientific approach, experience and responsibility - These are the values of Chicco team.

Chicco’s mission has always been to make a baby smile, helping mums and dads in their baby’s growth journey.We provide safe solutions which are designed to meet the demands of babies as they progress through the growth phases, because for Chicco happiness is a journey which starts when you’re a baby.

The official distributor of Chicco in Georgia was Premier LTD, which was founded in 1998. From 2015 Premier LTD was replaced with premier 2015 LTD.

Nowadays Premier 2015 LTD is cooperating with network of pharmacies: Pharmadepot, GPC, Aversi and others.

Chicco shop in Tbilisi is located at Al. Kazbegi Avenue 24B. Here you can find the whole assortment of Chicco products.